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Bob Crosby began singing in the early 1930s with the Delta Rhythm. He led his first band in 1935, when the former members of Ben Pollack's band elected him as titular leader. He recorded with the Clark Randall Orchestra in 1935, led by Gil Rodin and featuring singer Frank Tennille. . In the mid-1930s, with the rise of "swing" music and the popularity of the swing bands ever increasing, the Crosby band managed to authentically combine the fundamental elements of the older jazz style with the then-rising-in-popularity swing style into a sound and big-band style all its own. The resulting music they produced as a big band was a sound and style which few other, if any, big-bands and bandleaders even attempted to emulate. By unapologetically ignoring most of the pop-tunes that were the de-facto repertoire of most of the swing bands of the mid- to late- 1930's, and stubbornly sticking to playing many older jazz standards with zeal and in the spirit of their tradition, -all brilliantly translated into a big-band context- the band and especially the Bob-Cats presaged the traditional jazz revival of the 1940s. Crosby was also a singer, similar to that of his brother Bing, but without its range. He also starred in his own afternoon variety show, The Bob Crosby show, which aired between 1953 and 1957.



1. May 13, 1955 - Johnny Mercer

2. May 20, 1955 - Memories

3. June 2, 1955 - Dick Contino

These episodes are in the PUBLIC DOMAIN and are direct transfer from the original films. This does not mean the episodes are pristine, just that they are complete and as originally broadcast in 1950s. The quality varies episode to episode due to the age and condition of the original films.

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