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She was Kathryn Elizabeth Smith, born May 1, 1909, to a close Washington, D.C., family. Her parents and grand-parents were musical while adamant in their disapprovalof the professional entertainer's life. But Kate practically grew up in front of an audience, singing in church choirs and for community events. At age eight she received a medal from General Pershing for her work entertaining the troops billeted near Washington. By the time she was fifteen she had won every local talent prize offered. And she had a dream: to be a Broadway singer.

This collection includes 4 episodes: 1.(11/21/1951): Guest include Ann Sheridan and Myron Cohen. 2.(01/02/1952): Guest include Gloria Swanson, Teresa Wright, and John Hodiak. 3.(01/16/1952): Guest include Xavier Cugat, Abby Lane, Dan Duryea and Herb Shriner. 4.(03/12/1952): Filmed aboard the U.S.S Wasp aircraft carrier, with guest Henny Youngman and DeMarco Sisters. Each episode is in black and white, and runs 30 minutes, complete with original commercials.