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The series starred Robert Culp as Texas Ranger Hoby Gilman, a gunslinger hunting down criminals throughout the old west. Culp's character was based in the real life town of Porter, Texas, an unincorporated community near Houston , where he served as de facto sheriff. Occasionally, his duties as a Texas Ranger took him out of town, using his fast gun to apprehend wanted criminals throughout the Lone Star State. His friends included Henrietta Porter (Ellen Corby(Waltons), widow of the town's founder and owner of The Porter Enterprise, the local newspaper , and Tenner Smith (Peter Leeds), owner of the local saloon, a former gambler and gunslinger whose past was shrouded in mystery. Other series regulars included Norman Leavitt (as Ralph, his deputy), James Griffith, and Gail Kobe.

As a side note , the series Wanted Dead or Alive with Steve mcQueen was a spinoff from this show.

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